Microtek Tool And Die Co.,Ltd.
To be excellent in manufacturing and services of precision part and high efficiency plastic injection mould.

Microtek Products Co,.Ltd.
To be excellent in innovation development of plastic injection and all ranges of plastic services.

  • To be customer focus and exceed customer's expectation.
  • To have good relationship and continuously develop products and technology with customers.
  • To commit to improvement in qualiry, cost and on time delivery.
  • To acquire knowledge and develop efficiency in management, IT, engineering R&D and human resources.
  • To adhere to loyalty, ethics and moral in doing business.

We shall continuously develop quality system and efficiency to exceed the highest customer satisfaction.

Our R&D team works closely with customers in determining the best tooling to support short and long-runs. We collaborate and contribute the pooling ideas of our talent staff; we can design a highly reliable product.† We utilizes modern CNC machine, in creating molds to maximize the efficiency of our manufacturing operations. We aim to create more value for our customers to meet time and cost savings.

To assure the quality of manufacturing system and efficient management, our company have ISO9001:2008 certifications which is certified by BVQI. To serve customersí need, we employ various CAD/CAM systems such as AUTOCAD, Pro/Engineer wifi 5, Cimatron V9, FF/CAM, ZW CAD 2010, ICAD 2010 and NC Brain. Our machine can provide customers with quality, efficiency and lead time.


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